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Why You Should Spend More Time at the Beach!

Stepping on the soothing sand, going for long walks, breathing fresh air, watching kids build sand castles, gazing at the sun-set, enjoying fresh sea food, and bathing in the sea when the sun is at its lowest, are all must-includes in the bucket list of anyone who adores the ocean.

But did you know that all these activities are linked to physical and psychological benefits?


It has long been a widely-held notion that living closer to the ocean improves your health.

And now it is a proven scientific fact.

Scientists and researchers have discovered that those who live very close to the ocean are in better health than those who don’t (provided that they don’t intentionally lead an unhealthy lifestyle).

Even if this sounds a bit far-fetched, there are plenty of logical reasons behind this phenomenon.


When you’ve lived in a city all your life, fresh air is a rare commodity.

Away from the congested city, the ocean gives you enough and more fresh air.

However, “freshness” is not its only appealing factor. The air by the sea contains negatively charged hydrogen ions which enhance oxygen absorption, allowing us to easily breathe in as much oxygen as we need.

An abundance of oxygen is important for high levels of energy, increased thinking capacity, as well as inducing and facilitating physical and mental activity.


Speaking of physical activity; the beach is the best place to get some exercise! After all, it’s got its own exclusive activities as well. You can’t surf or sail anywhere else other than the beach. And we all know how exciting beach cricket is!

Surfing Overhead View

Every activity has its own benefit. Surfing requires you to use almost every major muscle group in your body, thereby burning heaps of calories. And a sea swim isn’t just good exercise, it’s also great for your skin and hair.

Beach-centric sports require a lot more energy. It’s a lot easier to run on flat ground that on the uneven terrain and it’s certainly easier to walk than swim. But when a vibrant atmosphere charges your mind, you inevitably become motivated to play hard.


Interestingly, the salty air about the ocean also contains a magical healing power.

Breathing salty air is great for the respiratory system, as it acts as a remedy to many respiratory and nasal complications such as asthma and the common cold.


Getting enough sunlight is as important to your internal organs as it is to the rest of your body.

Beach Sunlight

While a good amount of Vitamin D is vital to a healthy immune system, sunlight also helps maintain lively and healthy skin (but do take precaution to prevent overexposure).

And what better place on earth for sunlight, than the beach?


With all these interesting health effects, the ocean also provides an immense feeling of relaxation, absolutely free of charge. The breeze, the sounds, and the magnificent sights all the way to the horizon, together, are simply overwhelming.

As you relax from within, the fresh air and its negatively charged ions will naturally control and balance the hormones that induce stress. Such peace of mind along with the cool night-time temperature will result in a good night’s sleep, allowing you to easily enter the revitalizing deep sleep stage.

Just in case you need some evidence: did you know that ocean-based virtual reality environments are used to treat terminally ill patients for anxiety?


What’s more interesting about the relaxed state of mind inspired by the sea is that it reinvigorates your mind and body, which in turn improves your productivity. That itself explains why so many of us who grind day-in and day-out flock to the beach during our vacations.

Mental relaxation is the best way to boost your creativity. Why else would there be so many paintings of the ocean? The more relaxed you are, the wider your perspective become.

Furthermore, waking up and falling sleep to the sights and sounds of the ocean will keep you a lot more focused and collected.


Human interaction is very important to consistent happiness.

Sadly, many of us are stuck in the daily struggle for achievement, and don’t find enough time or energy to keep our social lives alive. Thereby we are left with no other option but to have a strong “online” presence.

However, virtual interaction alone does not completely satisfy the social animal in us. You need to get out there and meet people, and the city may not always be the best place to do that.

The ocean, bringing together people from all walks of life, will never cease to keep you company. You will always meet interesting people, who’ll share the same of level of energy and revel in your good vibes.


When you live by the coast, you won’t just feel good. You’ll feel great. You and your family will be physically fit, mentally strong, and socially satisfied.

And as islanders of a paradise with the best beaches in the world, you can’t put a price on living by the ocean.

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