All the Inspiration You Need to Live by the Sea

The oceanfront kind of life is truly the best kind of life.

There’s nothing like it after all.

Where else can you wake up to immediately experience the breeze ruffling your hair, the sounds of the crashing waves drowning out your worries, and every breath of salty fresh air purifying your soul?

So, what we did was surf (pun intended) through the internet looking for stunning visuals of the Sri Lankan coast, and enthralling accounts of people who live or work near the sea, all meant inspire you to make the move you’ve been dreaming of.

Grab a cup of a coffee and something to eat because trust me, you’re not going to want to leave this page, and this is going to take some time.

The Lillypad

New Zealander Grant Lilly lives in a tiny house (a little more than 100 square foot) with a spectacular view of the sea. His house, that he affectionately calls “The Lillypad”, is a slightly messy, but warm and cosy, man cave.

A Cove in Trincomalee

Sri Lankan Ocean

Living on a Product Tanker

Ever wondered what kinds of views sailors have every day? Here’s what it’s like to live on a commercial ship at sea!

A Rocky Bay in Southern Sri Lanka


Freediving and Spearfishing

Having grown up in Maui, Hawaiian native Kimi Werner learned to freedive from her father. She’s now a national spearfishing champion and an active freediving spear-fisherwoman. Here’s a peek into her life.

Stilt Fishermen


Holidaying in the Middle of the Ocean

One travel vlogger’s visual account of his trip to a resort in the middle of the ocean near Semporna, Malaysia.

Tail the Whale in Mirissa

Whale watching at Mirissa - Sri Lanka


Have you ever dreamt of living by the sea? Tell us where’d you like to live and why you want to make the move in the comments below!

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