5 True Stories of What It’s Really Like to Live by the Sea

There’s nothing like a good story or a great account of an experience to help you picture yourself living a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

So, we’ve scoured the internet in search of inspiring tales and vivid accounts, from all over the world, by those who live by the sea. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!



“For the past three years I’ve been studying in a university which is right next to the beach. To be honest one of the reasons I chose this university was because it was right next to a beach! So let me tell you how living next to the beach has affected me.

Unlimited sunsets! My phone gallery is filled with pictures [of sunsets]! It’s great to be able to enjoy such beautiful sunsets everyday!

Instant healing: Anytime I get worried or am upset about something, all I have to do is take a walk on the beach!

Fitness motivator: The cool breeze and sunset light makes it a perfect place to go for a jog in the evenings.

A great hangout place: Bored of going to the [theatres] over and over again? Not a problem! The beach is a great place to just chill with your friends.

Parkouring and climbing: Our beach has a lot of cool rocks so it’s a great place to learn rock climbing. Recently I’ve also started learning parkouring. The sand makes it very easy to learn both these things.

And after all this if you ask me to choose between mountains and beaches, I still think it’ll be a hard choice to make because I personally love the snow covered mountains! Like they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side.””

This account originally appeared on Quora.com



“I was born and have lived in Brighton my whole life.

It’s great, I like living on the edge, I like that you go south until you get to a point and you have to stop because there’s the sea in the way.

The Beach is mostly for tourists, you sort of forget it’s there when you’ve always lived by it.

I tend to walk along the beach as a short cut since town is usually more busy.  I’ve lived inland before and I felt sort of trapped because there was no edge.”

This account originally appeared on Reddit.com



“It always seems like a mystery to me when I look at the sea. Some look at the [waves] and others at the [horizon] ahead.

My emotions flow free each time. Just sitting at a beach and looking at it feels like [I’m meditating]. It clears my head. I feel [the] sea reflects my emotions.

The ocean seems like a mystery to me. It can be both soothing and disturbing based on my [mood] when I am at a beach. It makes me poetic. It makes me admire mother nature. It [makes me afraid] of the unknown. It makes me playful.

I feel [the] waves at the beach is the way ocean speaks to us.

I feel [the] ocean is a mirror. It is exactly how [you] see it or how [you] want to see it.”

This account originally appeared on Quora.com



“Though I don’t swim every day, being near the beach brings with it a more outdoor and active lifestyle. It is easy to walk, ride and swim.

Mind you, it is also easy to lie motionless on the beach and indulge in the plethora of seaside-town cafes, so increased fitness and health is not the “gimme” that I thought it would be.

Despite not all aspects of seaside life being as joyous as I expected, overall I am happier.

Life still throws up its usual mix of ups and downs, and there are added challenges that come from being away from the employment opportunities that come with city living.

But I love living near the beach – hearing waves from my balcony calm me before I sleep and even having a quick splash in the waves is a great stress management tool, and impromptu beach trips are a great addition to our repertoire of family experiences.”

This account originally appeared on Domain.com.au




“There are a several reasons why I’m in love with the beach.

I have fond childhood memories of holidays spent at the beach every year and so there is a deep sense of belonging.

When I perceive the magnitude and power of the ocean my life problems seem insignificant

My mood improves when at the beach, possibly from soaking up the negative ions that are released by wave motion (water movement), research indicates such.

Getting a dose of sunshine (for Vitamin D) is healthy and invigorating

It is much cooler at the coast, and much needed in summer – I live in the tropics where the heat index is oppressive.

I can be me. I can relax. I can go barefoot and casual. It’s about my Self being free and wild – leaving behind the humdrum and escaping that hamster wheel.”

This account originally appeared on Quora.com

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